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Worklink & Thrive officially opens NDIS Hub

The Honorable Warren Entsch officially opened Worklink Group’s new Thrive NDIS Hub on Tuesday 9th of July. The new NDIS Hub is a modern facility at 11a Sheridan Street Cairns, Queensland and is a place to meet and access the services of Worklink Employment, Thrive, Green Care Cairns and Clean Care Cairns.

The modern facility features an open plan working office for Worklink Group staff, meeting rooms and consulting rooms that are available for hire and a cooperative space where the community can come together to access support services.

In the words of Bill Davidson, CEO:

“We decided to establish a wellness hub in the centre of Cairns, available to clients and specialists/therapists, providing local access for NDIS participants, especially those with mental health challenges. And here we are!!”

Worklink has been quietly providing supports across the Cairns region since 199 originally as a specialised employment service for people with a lived experience of mental illness and continue to support people to find and keep a job across the Cairns region. Over time Worklink has expanded their impact by providing individual and recovery focused supports including Personal Helpers and Mentors program which concluded in June 2019. Worklink now continue to provide community and individual support to people with a lived experience of mental illness through the PHN as well as specialist employment services. Forever focused on changing lives, Worklink also has 2 social enterprises, Clean Care Cairns and Green Care Cairns that create employment opportunities for people from disadvantaged and migrant backgrounds. Under Worklink’s community brand, Thrive FNQ, they provide National Disability Insurance Scheme supports including Support Coordination and Plan Management. As an organisation that celebrates positive mental health, Worklink’s lastest creation is Thrive in Work, a workplace tool for businesses to create a mentally healthy workplace.
With the launch of the NDIS and the ever changing state/federal funding for mental health services, Worklink recognised the need for reinvention and for a local leader in NDIS and community mental health supports. This has been achieved by creating the NDIS Hub for people to gain services in one spot and find help to navigate the new system. Worklink and Thrive is committed to the Cairns region and are investing in the region through this hub to ensure that the NDIS is successful to ensure that local people are able to access support in a modern facility. The NDIS brings disability and community supports to the front of the community as an economic player within the region. Worklink believes that the needs of the community’s most vulnerable people should be central to the community and not a hidden industry. Worklink believes that their move into the Cairns CBD represents this.
The Thrive NDIS Hub will be home to a wide range of NDIS supports and Worklink’s community focused employment programs and social enterprises. Clean Care Cairns and Green Care Cairns the local social enterprises that offer employment opportunities to local people will operate from the Thrive hub as well as  Thrive in Work. All the services that are homed at the Thrive Hub change lives, either through NDIS supports, finding a job or creating mentally healthy workplaces.

At 11A Sheridan St we care, you thrive. 

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