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Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination?
Support Coordination helps the participant to make the best use of their supports in their NDIS plan. Support Coordination is a capacity building support to empower participants to live their best lives.

What does a Support Coordinator do?
• Understand and use the NDIS plan to pursue participants goals
• Connect with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services
• Build confidence and skills to use and coordinate supports

How does it work?
Your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA Planner will assist you in choosing a Support Coordinator.
• We will contact you to arrange an initial meeting
• Guide you through your plan to ensure you have a clear understand of your funding
• Assist with connecting to services that align with your goals
• Support and maintain contact with you throughout your plan

Plan Management

What is Plan Management?
Plan management is a type of disability service funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The function of plan management is to assist and support NDIS participants to manage their NDIS plan funding.

What does a Plan Manager do?
• Manage and monitor the NDIS budget
• Ensure providers are billing according to the NDIS Guidelines
• Pay the bills in a timely manner.
• Submitting claims to the NDIS Portal

How does it work?
To pay for your support, you can simply choose one of the following options:
• E-mail your authorised invoice/s to us
• Mail your signed invoice/s to our mailing address
• Set up a standing authorisation for the service providers of your choice